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Yuma Arizona Home Selling Tips

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Crank up the curb appeal

Pull weeds, rake leaves and trim overgrown shrubs, especially if they are blocking windows, hiding the beauty of your home’s exterior, or the path to your front door.


It’s important to make your house generic. A fresh coat of neutral paint will make your home appear larger, brighter and appeal to a larger number of potential buyers.

A clean and uncluttered home is a staple of home staging.

Make repairs

Fix things like leaky faucets and sticky cabinets, and replace old screens. They may seem insignificant, but minor repairs add up in the mind of a potential buyer. They tend to overestimate how much repairs cost. You don’t want to give them any reason not to put in an offer or to ask for concessions.


Lighten up your home with natural tones and a neutral dose of style.

Make sure your furniture placement allows for easy traffic flow and shows the purpose of each room. If you have too much furniture, rent a portable storage device to hold things until you are ready to move into your new place. If you don’t have enough furniture, borrow or rent.

Pack up

This includes personal photos and portraits. Less is always more. The less clutter and knickknacks you have lying around, the more potential buyers will be able to see your home and what it offers. Remember, you are selling your house, not your stuff. Plus, getting a head start on packing will eliminate some stress down the road.


When your house is meticulously organized, buyers will envision themselves living a stress-free life in your home.


Clean every inch of your house, and don’t forget to make your windows and floors sparkle. If your carpet appears old and stained, think about replacing it. Also, make sure there are no offensive odors. Purchase an air-neutralizing spray that will help remove odors without creating an overwhelming masking odor. Clean homes sell!

Lighten up

Let the sun shine in, and turn on the lights. Open all blinds or curtains, and make sure the house is well lit.


Be sure potential buyers are comfortable when touring your home. If it’s freezing outside, leave the heat on, and if it’s summer, turn on the air conditioner. Remember, you are in Yuma Arizona and it gets hot out.

Keep it ready to show

It may be a little inconvenient, but until you accept an offer, keep your home in a clean and ready to show state at all times. What this means is that each room should have a clear purpose, nice flow and be clean and clutter-free. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves and their things in a room, and taking these steps will help ensure that.

How Do I Find People Interested in Buying a Home?

In today’s market you need to look harder than ever to reach the right people. Keep in mind that the potential home buyer may not even be in the same state as you. Today, people are moving across longer distances than at any other time in history. The outcome of all of this is that the pool of potential buyers looking for a home is much larger and spread wider than ever before.

The above facts make it extremely important when selecting the right real estate company. The company you choose should have a broad understanding of marketing and not stick to just one or two methods. Look for a company which uses a combination of signs, print, and online products to promote your home to potential buyers. A good, well-trafficked website is a must. The company should also have an extensive list of homes that they are working with so that they may show you what they are doing to promote other homes to potential buyers. All things considered, you should remember the right buyer is 100% positive that your home is the right home for them. Your advertising has just as much to do with that as the way your home looks and feels. Do not be tricked into thinking a yard sign alone is the best way to sell a home and don’t be afraid to go outside of the box. In today’s market it is a must.

What is the MLS?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is another resource to help ensure you reach a large number of prospective buyers and dramatically increase the exposure of a property.

The MLS is a system which allows brokers to input their listings and share information. By doing this they can share commissions. This usually results in selling you home even faster, because you will have more than one agent or broker looking to sell it. For example, if you list your house with a broker and another broker or agent sells your house, they split the commission. The benefit to you is that more than one person is trying to sell your house.

Do I Need to Advertise?

The answer is no. You do not need to advertise. However, without advertising your home in today’s market, it could take more than a year to sell your home. Advertising remains an important, time-tested solution to selling anything in any type of market. If you are going to advertise your home you should not be satisfied with a simple ad in the paper or a yard sign. Brokers have everything they need at their finger tips, such as newspapers, internet marketing, signs, the MLS, and much more. Brokers and agents are highly knowledgeable and know where potential home buyers are hiding. Trust their advice in marketing your home and let them do their job.



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